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Ashampoo Magical Snap 2.51

Capture windows, full scrolling webpages or text files and edit them easily
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Magical Snap 2 is an incredibly powerful tool that will capture and edit anything that appears in your monitor and more! It can capture full program windows, images that appear in systems with multiple monitors, full spreadsheets, full scroll-down webpages…off-screen content included, all in one single image that you can later edit without exiting Magical Snap 2.

The amazing amount of possibilities can be perfectly customized making use of the extensive settings menu. You can define your preferred hotkeys for the most used capture options, or change the skin of the edit menu, define colours for window borders, for pencil tools, shadows, markers, arrows, for almost anything!

But what makes Magical Snap 2 an amazing tool is its capture capabilities. You can, of course, capture single windows, and also fragments of windows with a pre-defined box or with the box of your choice. But if boxes are too boring for you, you may also define the shape of the capture using the free-style region capture facility. Scrolling windows and off-screen content are not a problem anymore – forget about capturing different screenshots that you have to edit and paste to get the whole picture! Magical Snap 2 will capture the whole webpage or text file in a single image, or any of the images that appears in multiple monitors, with just a few keystrokes or mouse clicks.

Its intuitive editing functions will make things even easier for you. New editing functions like Flip, Mirror, Drop Shadow, Grayscale or Pencil, have been added in this new version, together with capture effects to be applied on the fly and enhanced mouse tools (Callout, Line, Highlight Area, Marker, Select, Draw Text, Arrow, Eraser).

An intuitive user interface and a collection of interactive guides makes this software an incredibly easy to use tool. This new version has full support for Vista, and allows you to store your captures in PNG, MPG or PDF format.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Endless customization capabilities
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Scrolling windows and text files capture capabitilies


  • The choice of image file formats can be improved
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